Friday, 10 October 2008


A big thank-you to those hardy souls who braved the rain to help out at Townhead last Saturday. At long last all the bushes are cleared so we can get cracking on planting.

The plan is to put in seven raised beds for fruit, herbs and veg and a lavender field at the front of the site. That still leaves a fair bit of space if anyone has anything else they'd like to do.

All this costs money so anything anyone can donate is not only welcome but desperately needed.

Below is a list of stuff that would be useful.

1. Lavender plants
2. Any shade loving plant or shrub
3. Log Roll +supports.
4. Manure
5. Woodchip
6. Veg seeds
7. Cash (to be spent on the above)

All fruit and veg grown on the site will be distributed amongst gardeners free of charge.

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