Sunday, 26 October 2008

Spending Update!

Just a quick note to announce what I've been spending the cash donations on.....

50 English Bluebell Bulbs £5.95 -these will be divided between the Townhead, Blackfriars St and Wilson St sites.

6 Lavender Plug Plants £5.94 - these will be planted at Townhead

2 mature Lavender plants £6.50 -these will also be planted at Townhead.

All this leaves us with 3p in the kitty so keep the donations coming either by donating via paypal or bring along a lavender plant to our next dig on 01/11/08 at the Townhead site.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Do You Have A Website or Blog To Promote?

We're looking for donors to help us beautify and feed Glasgow and are selling permanent links from this very blog for the bargain price of £10 for individuals and £20 for businesses. As the blog gets established it's likely that these prices will increase accordingly so get in quick and grab yourself a bit of bargain advertising. Contact us here for more info.

For other ways to help out see here and here.

Friday, 17 October 2008

Driver Wanted!

Since making an appeal for donations I've had some great offers but without wheels they remain out of reach. Needless to say this is very frustrating.

If you have access to a van and an hour or so to spare your help really would be appreciated.

To help and for more details, please email.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

A Dead Fish!

My first garden is subject to periodic attacks of vandalism by drunken arseholes of a weekend. Last Saturday was one of the most upsetting as it has been the most serious to date. The scum responsible destroyed a fuchsia bush in full bloom, snapped all the sunflowers I'd grown from seed, ripped out the lavender and emptied the contents of a bin across the path.

Having just got everything cleared up I decided to to a bit more tidying up this morning only to find several wheelie bins dumped on top of the plants and somewhat unexpectedly an entire dead fish complete with eyes dumped on the path.

I can't help but thinking there is a message in this latest surreal act of vandalism but what?

Friday, 10 October 2008


A big thank-you to those hardy souls who braved the rain to help out at Townhead last Saturday. At long last all the bushes are cleared so we can get cracking on planting.

The plan is to put in seven raised beds for fruit, herbs and veg and a lavender field at the front of the site. That still leaves a fair bit of space if anyone has anything else they'd like to do.

All this costs money so anything anyone can donate is not only welcome but desperately needed.

Below is a list of stuff that would be useful.

1. Lavender plants
2. Any shade loving plant or shrub
3. Log Roll +supports.
4. Manure
5. Woodchip
6. Veg seeds
7. Cash (to be spent on the above)

All fruit and veg grown on the site will be distributed amongst gardeners free of charge.