Friday, 26 September 2008

Wilson Street

Above is the 'before shot' of the planters in Wilson Street, however if you were passing today you'll know that they already look a lot better than the picture seen here. I spent the afternoon weeding and clearing out the rubbish. I was joined by a passer by who did most of the pruning and provided us with a much needed bag of daffodil bulbs.

I have put in twelve lavender plants, tulip bulbs, Field Poppy, Scabious and Nigella seeds. On Saturday I'll be adding more daffodil bulbs, some poached egg seeds and more lavender.

I have some Love-Lies-Bleeding seeds which won't be going in until next spring possibly joined by some Petunias and red Sunflowers.

Thanks to the chap who helped, the chap who came bearing gifts and everyone who stopped to offer words of encouragement. It's all very much appreciated and I hope you'll be equally appreciative of our efforts over the coming months.

I'll pop up an 'after' shot over the weekend to let you all see the finished result.


jane said...

Hi, i wish I could've made it today but I've been laid up with some lurgy for best part of 2 days (only feeling better now, wide awake at midnight) I will almost definatley make it on the 4th tho'.

Clairwil said...

Brilliant I look forward to seeing you -hopefully in good health